I may be the loudest introvert you will ever meet, and am living out my best 30-something life with my family in beautiful Northern California.

Raised in Montague, CA close to gorgeous Mt. Shasta, I made frequent visits to the Bay Area area to visit my grandparents. I grew up addicted to Legos and all things Disney, and to this day still adore anything to do with Disney. And although I always have the best of intentions, I seem to be a habitual plant killer, with a perpetual case of clumsiness. 

I graduated with honors with a BA in Psychology at Chico State University in 2013. That’s where I met and married the love of my life. Before we knew it, we had two adorable children – and my journey into photography began.  But hey, who knew that understanding how the human psyche works would be so helpful in my photography business?

While my fascination with portrait photography was born when I had kids of my own, my first professional interest was creating beautiful maternity images. 

Fun fact about me:
I was born in Seoul, Korea and adopted into an American family as an infant.  My Korean name was Kim-Hyun Joo, and my parents decided to name me after myself, Americanizing it to Kimberly Joann. 

My favorite food: salad 

My favorite snack: kettle corn 

My favorite drinks: Starbucks iced chai, and blended margaritas.